Hack The Box — Time

What we will do ?

  1. Recon / Information gathering
  2. Scanning
  3. Gaining Access
  4. Maintaining Access
  5. Reporting / Analysis

1. Information Gathering

2. Scanning

The error

3. Gaining Access

Request inject.sql file from the attacker machine

4. Maintaining Access

  1. Enumerate the directories and files for any leaked data
  2. Use Exploit-Suggester tools to discover the kernel vulnerabilities
  3. Use automation tools to perform multiple tasks like linPEAS or linenum
  4. Use PsPy to listen for the executed processes to watch and note if there’s any process can lead me to the root flag

Congrats ❤

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Offensive Security Enthusiast — twitter @eslam3kll

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Eslam Akl

Eslam Akl

Offensive Security Enthusiast — twitter @eslam3kll

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