Hack The Box — Netmon

Hey folks, today we have one of Hack The Box machines, it’s retired one so let’s start our walkthrough with its info

Nmap Scan

As usual, we will start our scan with nmap scan to know what ports are open and what are the services which run on them so let’s scan by nmap -A -T4 -oG netmon.gnmap

FTP & User Flag

Lets login to the ftp server with these credentials by typing → ftpopen10.10.10.152 → enter username → enter password

FTP server
Local machine — Kali

Website enumeration

So let’s try to find any entry point on the website by opening and it will redirect you to Network Monitor” page with the version of this monitor at the bottom

  1. Try to find public exploit related to this version
  2. Check the ftp files again

RCE & Root flag

We will use PsExec to connect to the windows remote device

PsExec Definition

Congrats and Thank you ❤

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